WordCamp Panel Discussion – How to build a business on WordPress

As you progress in your professional life as a WordPress user, you’ve probably considered starting your own business on WordPress. Maybe you’ve had a few paid freelance jobs. Or perhaps you’ve been refining your skills in your free time. However, you arrived at this point, the logical next step is to start your own Business.
But that next step is a big one. Being a great developer, blogger or designer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re great at sales, marketing, management, or accounting. If you’re willing to develop some new skillsets, though, you can drastically increase your potential for success.
Panelist in this discussion, will share their thoughts about the things to consider as you go from being in business to being a business, and how one can successfully run his business on WordPress.
Mr Frank Mendez CEO of Agrimat, a successful Ugandan business anchored on WordPress will moderate this Panel discussion, and CEO/Co-founder of Agencies running their Business on WordPress will take part in the Panel discussion as a Panelist!

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