Francis Gichuhi

gichuhiFrancis Gichuhi is an Architect by profession, despite being an Architect, Francis managed to make his own WordPress powered website. He is currently the CEO of A4architect which is a company that has been operational for 15 years since the year 2001.

Francis represents a company that does well online running on WordPress, he will be talking about how to build your own WordPress Website.

Stephen Mwanza

IMG-20161122-WA0011Stephen Mwanza is passionate when it comes to empowering others on Digital marketing. He is well versed in digital marketing strategies, notably in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. He is proficient in WordPress niche blog creation. He was once featured in a local Business Magazine (Small Medium Enterprises TODAY) on August 2013. Stephen has also trained SEO in several local universities including Kenyatta University, Strathmore Business School, JKUAT, Zetech University just to mention a few.

Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE)

bake kenyaThe Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) is a community organization that represents a group of Kenyan online content creators and that seeks to empower online content creation and improve the quality of content created on the web. BAKE connects blogs in Kenya from all areas of interest and expertise. It was formed in 2011 after a series of discussions concerning content creation and consumption of online content in Kenya.


Franklin Kiwanuka

Franklin Kiwanuka is the C.E.O of Agrimartt.com.  WordPress has been a major impact in my life for the past fiveInstagramCapture_4686b756-67ca-4871-8dc6-316586dabcaf_jpg years as it has helped me put to action many ideas that I had in the attempt to make the world a better place.
Agrimartt is an online agricultural market place that is made possible with WordPress and it helps farmers connect with their market and suppliers including Veterinary doctors. I really feel excited to have the opportunity to share my WordPress experience with everyone in the WordCamp Nairobi.

Justus Weru

photo (1)Justus Weru is an entrepreneur at Amaris solutions – www.amaris-solutions.com. Justus has a wealth of information in the stated topic as its what we are currently using develop the next world solutions.

Linton Chege

lintonLinton Chege is a passionate Digital Marketer with a background in Computer Technology. He has been actively involved in Web Industry and Internet Marketing for the last 2 years. Currently, he is engaged at Magtech Solutions as a Digital Marketer.

Linton’s dream is to build a One-Stop Web Solution Company that helps Web Entrepreneurs to create, market and monetize their sites. He has developed, manned and done marketing for WordPress sites. He also has handson experience in Digital Marketing; SEO, SMM, Content Marketing and even Email Marketing.

Ida Nganga

Ida Nganga v3Ida Ng’ang’a is a mentor and trainer and has won many awards in this area. She is especially passionate about building the digital skills of our youth in Africa.

She is the Chairman, Membership & Outreach Standing Committee  of the Internet Society (ISOC) Kenya Chapter. She is also the Director of Regional Consortium for Development (RCD Africa)

Patrick Mahinge


Patrick Mahinge is a Kenyan Blogger and serial webpreneur. Using WordPress, he is able to profitable build online business while working from the comfort of his home. What started as a hobby for him has turned out to be a full-time source of income.

With his passion fort blogging and to empower young people to take up online entrepreneurship, Patrick started Blogscheme.com, a resourceful blog dedicated to blogging and how it can be scaled into an income generating activity.

Patrick will be talking about building profitable blogs.

Winston Eboyi

WinstonTony is the founder and owner of TWIC Group the company that successfully combines sales and marketing to help BRANDS write success stories. He is also a writer and blogger at Winstontony.com his personal blog where he writes about branding.

Tony’s background is in project management and thus his interests range from Entrepreneurship to Writing whose blogging is a close cousin. He has a spot for Social Enterprises and it gets him down with the community.

Antony Wainaina Kariuki

Anthony Kariuki is a Digital Media Consultant involved in social media strategies for different clients and organizations such as: Airtel Kenya, World Bank Kenya and currently UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, he has been a Speaker and Panelist at SMWiNairobi.

Currently, Mr Wainaina is the Hootsuite Ambassador for Kenya and Digital Media Consultant.

Douglas Kihoro

DouglasDouglas Kihoro is a content enthusiast having worked with various brands such as Equity Bank, DSTV, Airtel, UAP among many others. Douglas has over the past 6 years (closing in on 7) acquired skills in the agency world having worked for agencies such as Squad Digital and Triple Edge Media in a content creation capacity.

From Douglas own Words,

” I’m a cat.

And that’s not just because I once had the tendency to purr like a cat whenever things went my way, it’s the curiosity, infinitely fueling my unorthodox approach to marketing and advertising. My understanding of human needs and wants I believe gives me an edge in bringing ideas to life and making every single person an integral part of that idea.

So I know at this point you’re asking, so what exactly do you do Mr. Snuffles? Well, I’m a Youtuber, a podcast host, a copywriter, a Viner. Content is my forte. I, however, have ventured into digital media buying, largely by disseminating data myself instead of relying on online tools. How has this helped? well, once you understand actions and reactions of a media campaign, you build better campaigns and become better.

A parting shot. We are all cats, the difference is where we are relative to the box.”

Sheeroh Murega

sheerohSheeroh Murega is a work at home mom who has been working online from home for the past four years as a freelance transcriber and blogger. She has held two seminars on freelancing. In 2014, one this year and she recently held another one on Saturday, Nov 12.

Sheeroh is passionate about freelancing/ online jobs and the fact that anyone who is determined can earn a dignified income working from home. She is the owner and founder of Workonlinekenya.com where she blogs about freelancing and especially transcribing. She is also the founding member and an active member of one of the largest Freelancing groups in Kenya known as Awesome Transcribers in Kenya.

Sheeroh will be talking about Working online in Kenya, from a professional and experience point of view, She will talk about the skills one needs  and the tools needed to work online.

Mr Tonnie Mello

TonnieTonnie Mello is a reknown businessman in Nairobi. He is the founder and CEO of Bizna Digital Services. Bizna is an award winning digital communication and marketing brand with a presence in Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria.

Bizna Kenya won the Best Business Blog Award in Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) 2016 edition and was nominated in the Biz Yangu category in Social Media Awards (SOMA) 2016.